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Espresso Cup

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A vase to hold a seasonal stem and holders for incense to burn from. I want to evoke a feeling of calm through my work as a way to escape the every day chaos of life.

 My ceramics are inspired by the simplicity of Scandinavian design whilst also embracing the beauty in imperfection as embodied in the Japanese term Wabi Sabi. These two combined really speak to my artistic vision and the inspiration can clearly be seen in my work.

 My work is minimalistic and my forms are organic. My palette is subdued and often inspired by nature itself. My use of texture and mark making is also inspired by the landscape around me and sometimes made directly from it. It is hard, when working with clay, not to be inspired by the Earth itself.

 I glaze my work often in a painterly manner using dipping, pouring and brushstroke techniques. It is important to me that the mark of the maker can always be felt in my pieces. I am drawn to the tactility of ceramics. Where a piece of work hung on a gallery wall can only be looked at, a piece of ceramics can be held in hands and used to drink and eat from.